We wondered how we could reward our sponsors who donate so generously,      

and so we display “Our Sponsors” on this website.

Wherever possible, we add the direct link back to the the website of that Sponsor

As you are reading this, you are just ONE of the 200 or so visitors per day who consistently take a look at who we are and what we do.

That amounts to some 73,000 hits each year.

Anyone of those visitors can therefore “click” their way to a business website.

This Charity Appeal is slightly different from general fund-raising.

It is different because we start with a “shopping list”.

Maybe it is not generally understood that today’s amazing hospitals cannot simply buy specialist equipment, because such things are not within the budget or do not come within a specified NHS list.

We ask our hospital renal units what they would like, and understand how this can benefit the patients and the medical staff.

For example, a “Continuous Veno-Venous Haemofiltration” machine (a true life-saver) would cost around £20,000.

In order to buy this, we would set our target to £40,000 in order that Kidney Research UK also receive £20,000 to spend on research.

So the Appeal has a finite target and is very focused.

When the target is reached, we go back to the hospitals for a new “shopping list. and reset the target by launching a brand new Appeal.

It would be nice to ask individual businesses or organisations for the odd thousand pounds or so, but today that seems unrealistic.

But what if (say) 50 businesses were to donate (say) only £20 each?

That would hardly break the bank, and we would benefit by £1000.

The businesses?

They would be included on our Sponsors page of course.

Isn’t that “Good-Value” advertising?

We would invite any interested company, but would dearly prefer to hear from local businesses in and around Nottingham and Mansfield.

If you want to help US and YOURSELF.... just email us at and we will give you some more information

To find out how  you could help us on EBay, click the EBay link button

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The Nottinghamshire Kidney Units’ Appeal is a joint fundraising arrangement between Kidney Research UK and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Net proceeds will be shared equally between Kidney Research UK and the Trust. Funds raised will be used to support Kidney Research UK’s charitable  objects and the Trust’s purchase of specific medical equipment.

Kidney Research UK is a Registered Charity No. 252892 Scottish Charity No. SC039245