Fundraising is not easy!

It is frustrating, highly competitive,

and challenging, but very rewarding.

A great way to attract funding is to set up a Just Giving page for any activity that you intend

Easy to set up and to use to help us

If YOU have any ideas you would like to share

please drop us a line at

If you look at our “Past Events” links you can
get some idea of what we have done in the past,
but the simple ideas are often the best.
Lots of individuals doing “little bits” can
make a huge difference.

Lots of us know about raffles, tombolas, coffee mornings,  ALL good ideas, but what about the following?

How To Raise Money Through Dinner Parties
Lots of people enjoy cooking and spending the
evening round the table with family and friends.
The only difference with this evening is that
you do not sit at the table !!
Assume you can seat up to eight people at your dining table.
(It wouldn’t matter if it was only four,
but more than eight would probably be difficult to cater for)   
Spread the word among friends that there will be a
Charity Dinner at your house and wait for
interested parties to get in touch.
Once word gets round,it is amazing how much interest there is! 
It is along the lines of “Bring a Party to a Party”
Draw up a fairly simple menu with a choice of
(say)two starters, a main course and a choice of desserts.
 “Guests” make their choice from this menu in
advance so life is easier and there is little waste at the end. 
The time for the evening is strictly set.
They all arrive at (say) 1930hrs and leave by  2200hrs.
Guests bring their own drinks of any nature.
Charge what you like, but for £15 per head
and providing all the food
(which would be your “donation”)
you will make £120 profit and have good fun as well


Want to find out more?

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This How We Sell On Our Charity Stall

We found out that our Town Council provides
one free market stall for charity each week,
and that this includes erecting and dismantling the stall.
You simply need to ask, and contact phone numbers
should be in the phone directory. 
We let family, friends, neighbours and other groups
know what we are doing and ask them for anything
they would otherwise throw away.
This could be books, china, small pieces of furniture,
pictures, mirrors….any bric-a-brac, and even clothes
(although these tend not to sell so well here)
When we get enough to fill the car we arrange a sale date.      
Although two of us can usually cope, it is better
with more hands, and so once again we tell others
and it is surprising that people will give their time
for a few hours occasionally to help.
Why not?
It is fun, and we have a good laugh doing it. 


It is better if items are priced and labelled before
starting selling, but this need not be too difficult as
it can be done in stages as items are collected. 
Promotional material such as display boards, flags,
leaflets, collecting boxes etc can be provided directly
from Kidney Research UK.
Finally, turn up, set up and start selling.
Be prepared to take offers….but remind the
public it IS for a good charity.
Any price received is better than dumping the item.
We sell from around 0900hrs until 1300hrs and
most of the things are gone by then.
Whatever is left is quickly sorted and the really
good stuff is set-aside for the next time,
some is taken to one of the town charity shops,
and anything unlikely to sell is recycled.
(as it would have been anyway).
Finally count up the money and bank it…
…it’s as easy as that. 


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The Nottinghamshire Kidney Units’ Appeal is a joint fundraising arrangement between Kidney Research UK and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Net proceeds will be shared equally between Kidney Research UK and the Trust. Funds raised will be used to support Kidney Research UK’s charitable  objects and the Trust’s purchase of specific medical equipment.

Kidney Research UK is a Registered Charity No. 252892 Scottish Charity No. SC039245